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Designing and Manufacturing custom furniture, just for you.





Jakobe can design and produce booths with any base and any upholstery you desire, including a wood or metal base, and cushions with channeling, hand tufting, or crumb strips. Any length, hight, and quantity is available.



Jakobe can design and make your table in any material imaginable and in any size you like. Choose from any designed base or have our designers create something for you. We have a wide array of tabletops that we have created or request something special to fit your space,



Let Jakobe design the perfect bench seat to fill your waiting area, or to add some comfort and dimension to a blank wall. Our benches come in any option you can imagine and are a great way to add comfort and style to a space.

20160419-John Hiatt IV-0003.jpg

lounge seating

Our lounge seating is made with the best mills in the market to create the look, feel, and durability your space requires. Let our designers create the perfect lounge piece for your space!

20141117-JJ's-John Hiatt IV-0017.jpg


From luxurious dining chairs to industrial looking bar stools and everything in between, Jakobe can help you create exactly what you need to provide comfort to your customers and clients and make your space pop. 


case goods & Millwork

Let Jakobe solve your storage, workspace, and display challenges with custom casework. We can create products like bar displays, host stands, waiter stations and more with the highest precision and craftmanship, all to add utility to your space. 

Custom furniture the way you want it.


At Jakobe, we pride ourselves on our custom capabilities. Our clients come to us with an idea for something they want built, or with a unique space they need filled. Then, our designers get to create something for them. Our designers have been able to play around with some unorthodox ideas that have turned into some of our favorite products, like this booth combination we brought to life. From partitions between spaces, floor to ceiling seating areas, and custom bars and shelving to tie a room together, we have designed so many pieces that we and our clients love. There is no limit to what we can create for your space! 


To see more of our products, check out the gallery or the product catalogue.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our salespeople at (913)371-8900 or




Our talented design team can help make your vision a reality or design a product exclusively for you. Almost all of our designs are custom, giving you the freedom to create anything you'd like.

MANUFACTURING & Procurement 

We produce our goods from raw materials to finished product, including cut, build, finishing, assembly, and upholstery, all at our facility in Kansas City. We also have the ability to procure any other furnishings your space needs.


Jakobe offers many shipping options to get your products to you in the best way possible. You can also pick up your products from our facility, or we can warehouse them until you're ready.


Let a team of Jakobe professionals deliver and install your new furniture. We make sure it's done right the first time to give you piece of mind.


Jakobe will manage your project from start to finish. We will be there to help you through all facets of the project from design through production, shipping, and installation, as well as, ongoing customer care.


Our relationships with our customers don't end when the job is finished. Even after delivery and installation, Jakobe will still be here to make sure everything keeps going right.


     Jakobe Furniture is the leading design, manufacturing, and installation company specializing in custom furniture and other furnishings. Founded in 2004, Jakobe combines decades of fabrication experience with an expertise in the hospitality industry. This, along with Jakobe's hardworking staff and company culture, has lead to its rise as a top leader in the industry. 

     Jakobe's team of designers can bring your vision for furniture to life, or create something for you, assuring that your restaurant, hotel, waiting room, or whatever space you need filled looks as good as it can. Along with the making and manufacturing of customized booths, benches, chairs, tables, case goods, and other furnishings, Jakobe offers personalized delivery, installation, and shipping at your convenience. We understand that each customer's needs and expectations are different, so we make sure to meet them.

     Jakobe's facilities are located in Kansas City, Kansas. All raw material is delivered here. These materials work their way through our facility, going through cut, build, finishing, upholstery and assembly stages. These newly built products leave our docks ready to install in your space. All manufacturing of your custom goods takes place right in the heart of America.

Mission Statement

Quality: Jakobe Furniture has an ongoing quality review process and provides improvements to its products on a regular basis

Relationships: A strong relationship with our suppliers mean they are more responsive to our needs, which in turn helps our customers when a short lead time is required. 

Value: Synergy between our customer service, sales, design, and manufacturing departments help engineer lower project costs to our customers. 

Check out our feature on the show Manufacturing Marvels that airs on the Fox Business Network!

Jakobe takes a lot of pride in being an American company. This company is truly the American dream come to life. Being able to fully manufacture all our products right here in the heartland and give jobs to hardworking Americans is the most satisfying part of what we do.
— Jeff Gray, Founder & CEO
Jakobe would not be here without our customers. We make sure that their needs are our top priority and we provide them with continuous customer support.
— Jeff Dema, Chief Operating Offier
Our client’s problems are our problems. If they have a tight deadline or need help designing a project, we make sure everything is taken care of. We pride ourselves on hitting ship dates and staying on time,
— Nick King, Vice President of Production Services
We use modern process to create a wide variety of high quality products. We have designed and created everything from simple tables and booths to entire restaurant custom designs.
— Caleb Roam, Design & Engineering Manager
Our manufacturing focuses on exceeding customer expectations by delivering high quality products on-time in a cost effective way. Continuous Improvement is the lifeblood of our company.
— Matt Dunkin, Plant Manager
We have high standards that we meet for every job we do. By using quality materials and avoiding shortcuts, we ensure that the overall quality of the product stays high. We take a lot of pride in our products because we know they are made right.
— Jason Ommen, Lead Finisher
The product quality is outstanding, and their ongoing service and communication after the installation made me feel as if I was working with a partner as opposed to simply a vendor.
— Restaurant Owner, St Joseph, MO




Founder, President

Jeff started Jakobe Furniture in 2004. He has always had a passion for creating and building things and would take on projects like building decks and digging up ponds. This zeal drew him to the custom furniture industry. From starting with only 2 employees, Jeff is proud of what Jakobe has grown to be and loves the opportunities to create a variety of different products.

A native of Kansas City, Jeff graduated from the University of Missouri and is a proud Tiger. He is married and has a daughter. Jeff spends his time outside of Jakobe gardening, watching and occasionally playing sports, and going to Sonic after 8pm to get half price shakes with his family. If he didn't work at Jakobe, Jeff says he would want to be an exotic animal farmer, so if you come across any abandoned kangaroos or porcupines, let him know. 


Jeff Dema

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff serves as Jakobe's Chief Operating Officer and has a history in supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution management.  Jeff enjoys the company culture at Jakobe, how the team works together, and the products we produce. He likes working for a company that has good growth ambitions and has an entrepreneurship base.

Jeff went to Pittsburgh State University and graduated with a degree in economics. After graduating, he served as a military officer. Later, he attended Vanderbilt University to receive his Masters of Business Administration. He is married and has three children. 


Nick king

Vice President of Production Services

Jakobe added Nick to the team in 2011 as a Project Manager. Ever since, Nick has become an integral part of this company and is a joy to everyone he works with. Nick finds his job very rewarding; he loves being involved in a project from its initial design stages until it's built and shipped out to the customer.

Nick hails from Kansas City and has spent his whole life in the town. He has a business degree from the University of Missouri in Kansas City.  To keep himself busy and active, he participates in various sports like softball, racquetball, and running. Every night Nick goes home to his wife and dog, Milo, a Yorkie who is Nick's go-to wrestling partner. When he's not wrestling with Milo, he likes to read Science Fiction books.


Don haas


Don is Jakobe's controller. He is always a smiling face in the office and says his favorite part of Jakobe are all the wonderful people who make it so special. Don grew up in Oklahoma City and attended the University of Kansas in pursuit of a bachelor and master's degree in accounting. 

Most of Don's free times is devoted to his wife and three children. He loves going to all their events and taking pictures of what they're involved in. Don's home isn't only filled with his family, but a large collection of soccer scarves. He enjoys going out to watch Sporting KC games with his family and eating famous Kansas City barbecue whenever he can.


vince Nguyen

Purchasing Manager

Vince was hired at Jakobe as Purchasing Manager. He has a bachelor's degree and Master's in Public Administration both from UMKC, and spent 14 years in nonprofit fundraising before leaving to build furniture. Since starting at Jakobe, Vince appreciates how well the teams at Jakobe work together, and enjoys seeing our products being created from raw materials in our facility. 

Vince is married and has two dogs, Rosie and Falkor. He enjoys taking his dog to the dog park and for walks, and his dogs enjoy it when Vince feeds them. He has lived in Kansas City his whole life, and his barbecue allegiance is torn between KC Joe's and Q39. Vince also enjoys spending time with his family, whether it's on Wednesday nights during family dinner, or by playing online video games with his brothers in different states. 



matt Dunkin

Plant Manager

Matt found his way to Jakobe after working in continuous improvement for many years. This background made Matt a perfect fit for the Plant Manager position. Matt enjoys the unique and artistic product Jakobe makes, and how efficient the production is.

Originally from Kansas City, Matt attended both the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri in Kansas City. He is married and has two sons, who he enjoys hanging out with and taking to playgrounds. Matt is quite the jet setter as well; he loves traveling and has recently visited Iceland, Spain, and Mexico. His favorite food is any kind of sandwich, so pack an extra PB&J for him if you find your way to our facility, 



kristin rea

Human Resources & Administration Manager

Kristin was hired in 2011 as Jakobe's bookkeeper. Since then, she has been promoted to oversee accounting and office operations. She attended St Cloud State University and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Kristin's favorite part of working at Jakobe is the creativity and problem solving that our team has and seeing the new creations that are made every day. 

Kristin is married and has two young daughters. She loves to travel and go camping. Married to an Indie film maker, Kristin spends a lot of time helping him with the production of his films. Sometimes, she even gets in front of the camera, although her oldest daughter tends to be the star of the show. 



caleb Roam

Design & Engineering Manager

Caleb joined Jakobe in 2012 as a designer. His talent was quickly realized, and he was promoted to oversee design and engineering, along with adopting his nickname "The Talent". One of Caleb's favorite things about working at Jakobe is the large variety of products we design and produce. From simple restaurant furniture to an ottoman that looks like a UFO, Caleb has designed it all.

Originally from Grain Valley, Caleb attended Kansas State University and got a degree in interior architecture and product design. He is married with a daughter, and enjoys cooking, woodworking, and walking his dogs. Caleb is quite the movie buff, so don't be surprised if he throws out some classic movie lines when you're talking to him. 





450 s 55th Street Kansas City, KS 66106

Located in Kansas City, Kansas, Jakobe can easily and quickly ship to anywhere in the world. Within 5 minutes from leaving our facility, your products will already be on the interstate on their way to their destination. We love being in Kansas City for this reason, but the world class barbecue is a bonus.


Drop us a message using the form, or give us a call at (913) 371-8900.

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Jakobe is always looking for the right people to expand our team! Below is a list of available positions. If you have any questions or would like to apply for a position not shown below, please contact Kristin at (913)371-8900.


Seamstress/ Upholsterer

Jakobe is looking to hire a seamstress/upholsterer. 

Requirements include...

  • Ability to take the sewn materials and apply to wood seats, backs, sofas, lounges, chairs, etc.
  • Knowledge with commercial sewing machines (ideally the Juki brand).
  • Operates sewing machine to pattern assembly material for building.
  • Reduces material wastage during fabrication process by precision cutting.
  • Measures and cuts new covering material.
  • Cuts new material for sewing as needed.
  • Staples or sews trim over each piece.
  • Operates sewing machine to seam cushions and join various sections of covering material.
  • Assembles material around wooden frame during build process.
  • Stuffs sewn and built parts.

CNC Router Operator

Jakobe is looking to hire a CNC Router Operator.

Requirements include...

  • Proven experience setting up and operating CNC machines.
  • Knowledge of fractions, decimals (both standard) and metric, as well as basic geometry.
  • Knowledge of reading and interpreting blueprints.
  • The understanding of basic tooling.
  • The ability to analyze and improve process, when necessary.
  • The ability to read a tape measure.
  • The ability to lift 50 lbs.
  • General knowledge of fabrication shop procedures.
  • Experience working safely in and around a fabrication shop environment.


Jakobe is looking to hire a finisher.

Requirements include...

  • Knowledge of stains and wood finishes.
  • Ability to apply solvent based stains to raw wood, ability to spray lacquers and two part urethane sealers and top coats.

Employment Application

We think Jakobe is a great place to work. Apply for an open position below to join the fun!